Cargador Ultra-LB6 6A (12/220v) Ampliar

Cargador Ultra-LB6 6A (12/220v)

$ 2.284,67

CONSULTAR POR PAGO PAY PAL Description: SPECIFICATION : Input : AC 110V(230V) / DC 11~18V Battery Type : Ni-Cd / Ni-MH / Li-Po / LiFePo / Pb Battery Cell : Ni-Cd / Ni-MH:1~14 cells (1.2~16.8V) Li-Po:1~6 cells (3.7~22.2V) LiFePo:1~6 cells (3.2~19.2V) Pb:2V, 6V, 12V Charge Rate : 0.1A ~ 6.0A (0.1A Per gradation) Discharge Rate : 0.1A ~ 2.0A (0.1A Per gradation) Charging Capacity : 1~9900mAH Safety Timer : 10~720min or OFF Trickle Charge Rate : 0.05~0.2A or OFF Peak Sensitivity (-delta V) : 0~15mV Character: 1.Super function 4 in 1,16-bit microchip CPU controller. 2.Built-in system temperature detection protection with additional battery temperature sensor option (extra option item no.2714) 3.AC/DC input are both compatible; DC input could set low voltage 10-11V. 4.Built-in Li-Po/LiFePo balance charging with requested connector item no.2852A1. 5.Automatic accidental battery inversion detection and reverse input protection. 6.Memory functions for charging and discharging parameters. 7.All ABS plastic case design; tough, compact, and portable. 8.Large two-line,16-character dot matrix LCD display. 9.Removable DC plug sockets. 10.Universal banana-type output terminal. 11.10-tone selectable beep function with volume control. 12.Built-in DC cooling fan.