Variador Emax Simon Series 12 A ideal cuad 250 Ampliar

Variador Emax Simon Series 12 A ideal cuad 250

$ 311,00


  • Based on Simon K firmware, further optimized to the perfect drive performance.
  • Low-voltage protection, over-heat protection and self-check functions. 
  • Separate power supply for MCU and BEC, enhancing the ESC’s ability of eliminating magnetic interference. 
  • Parameters of the ESC can be set via program card or transmitter. 
  • Throttle range can be set to be compatible with different receivers. 
  • Equipped with built-in linear BEC or switch BEC. 
  • Max speed: 210,000 rpm for 2-pole, 70,000 rpm for 6-pole, 35,000 rpm for 12-pole. 
  • Continuous Current: 12A
  • Burst current (10S): 15A
  • Li-xx Battery (cell): 2-3
  • Dimension (L*W*H): 25mm x 20mm x 7mm
  • Weight wires Included: 9
  • BEC Mode: Linear
  • BEC Output: 1A/5V
  • Programmable: Yes
Package include:
1 pc 12A Speed Controller with SimonK Firmware